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What is the corporate culture?

 On the lighter side, if one can manage to keep cool despite wearing a three-piece suit and a necktie in sweltering weather (Indian summer), that marks the sign of corporate culture. Jokes apart, on the serious side, a corporate employee is marked by the show of etiquette in his/her behaviour and bearing. Some of the traits can be listed as follows: a. Politeness. Needs to be polite with clients, office staff and the bosses. b. Fluency: Reasonable command over language use, especially English. Should be able to possess good skills of listening and reading as well as speaking and writing. Knowledge of the technical vocabulary and appropriate use of language without causing offence is of utmost importance. and etiquette: The person should be able to host a small group of people depending on the need and during the meeting should observe the right principles of etiquette with other members (especially of the opposite sex) and not send wrong signals. d. Ability t